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Basic and Optional Components of Cryotherapy Chambers


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Buying a cryo chamber is an important investment into your business. That is why it is advisable to look into the features and options for your cryogenic device that could suit your personal taste and benefit your business. We have prepared a list of features which are basic for all our cryosaunas as well as a list of additional options and services that could be ordered along with your chamber to customize it.

Basic options of Cryomed cryo chambers

Cryo chamber cabin size. All models, except the medical grade ones (Cryomed One+ and Cryomed Pro+) allow ordering optional cabin size, other than standard. For One line, standard cabin size is S, for Pro line, standard cabin size is M. 

Cryomed cabins have 3 sizes: 

  • S (internal D 75 cm x H 160 cm, external D 90 cm x H 174 cm), 
  • M (internal D 85 cm x H 160 cm, external D 100 cm x H 174 cm)
  • L (internal D 85 cm x  H 170 cm, external D 100 cm x H 184 cm)

The color of the temperature display. The red color is standard, but a temperature display can have R/G/B/Y digits, that is red/green/blue/yellow. These colors are optional. 

The temperature display of cryosauna can have red/green/blue/yellow digits

The temperature display of cryosauna can have red/green/blue/yellow digits

Temperature sensor. All Cryomed units feature maintenance-free steel-cased temperature sensor which is installed in the factory and does not require additional adjustments or insulation repairs. 

Safety features of cryotherapy units.

  • Emergency stop button for the operator to be able to stop the cryo session at any time.
  • Optical client position sensor which does not initiate the session or shuts it down if the customer’s position is wrong; in medical cryotherapy units the sensor is dual, with a standby one, for the cases when the principal sensor fails.
  • Open door sensor, which stops the cryo session if the cabin door is open for any reason; in medical cryotherapy chambers the sensor is dual.
  • Optical operator sensor to make sure that the operator stays at the control panel at all times during the cryotherapy session; in medical units the sensor is dual.
  • Electronic shutdown, that is an additional module to monitor the cryosauna’s main controller which can shut the session down if any malfunction is detected; additional function is monitoring session time, to make sure the session is over within specified timeframe (only in medical grade cryosaunas).
Emergency stop button to stop the cryo session at any time

Emergency stop button to stop the cryo session at any time

Nitrogen ingress prevention. There are three ways to prevent any ingress of liquid nitrogen into the cryo chamber cabin:

  • nitrogen level sensor installed in the evaporator at a 5-centimeter height which signals if higher nitrogen level is detected; 
  • nitrogen pressure release valve built into a feeder unit (Mini, One, One+) or into a hose connecting a cryosauna with a pressurized tank;   
  • mechanical liquid nitrogen overflow protection which is essentially a pipe leading to a container outside the cryosauna; if nitrogen overflows in the evaporator, instead of getting into the cabin it will drain off  into the container via the pipe. However, it is efficient only for the pressure below 1.2 bar. With higher values the nitrogen flow will be too strong for the pipe to draw all nitrogen off.

In medical models (Cryomed One+ and Cryomed Pro+) all safety features are made redundant so that if the principal one fails the stand-by one will be activated. 

Digital dimmer allows adjusting the power of the vacuum motor via the service menu (with a service PIN).

Dewar position limit switches prevent damage to the pipe which might result from the wrong position of a Dewar tank in the lower box. For cooling / session, the pipe will not go down until the Dewar is positioned correctly and the service door is closed. For drying, the pipe will not go down if the tank is not taken out from the lower box. 

Service port allows connecting a cryosauna to a laptop with a cable for remote diagnostics or software updates.   

Nitrogen feed module serves to convert a pressurized-type cryosauna into a Dewar type (for One line and Cryomed Pro+). In this case, two 40-liter Dewar tanks are supplied as a set.  

Remote control with a mobile device or a tablet is very useful to ensure better operator’s eye contact with the customer during the cryo session. With our app installed in a cell phone or tablet an operator can conduct a session from a comfortable position to monitor the customer’s state at any time. 

A tablet (for One and Pro models) can be used not only for operating your cryosauna or demonstrating videos for the customer during the session, but for displaying temperature as well in the models with no temperature display, like One or Mini. 

 Reporting system allows sending statistics on successful or failed coolings / sessions / dryings to an email address or addresses input during installation. This is a helpful tool to see the number of sessions the customer makes to control warranty period (3,000 sessions) or verify if the number of dryings is adequate, for example.

Optional components for cryo chamber

Here are some additional options that we propose to our customers to upgrade the cryo chamber according to their needs and tastes.

For the operator’s convenience:

  • tablet for better operator’s eye contact with the customer during the session (for Mini and Basic models);
  • operator step, 30 cm high;
  • transportation wheels to move your cryosauna if needed (only for One line).
A tablet can be used in the cryosauna models with no temperature display

A tablet can be used in the cryosauna models with no temperature display

To enhance user experience during a cryotherapy session:

  • additional elevator pads to adjust the elevator height (each pad is 8 cm high);
  • cabin cover with adjustable soft collar for the customer together with gloves to ensure better cooling of the shoulders and upper torso and more even temperature distribution in the cabin; 
  • gloves to cool the arms better, additional pair of footwear.

Optional services for cryo chamber owners

Besides the manufacturing of high-quality cryotherapy equipment, we provide full service and support of our products at any stage. Besides the worldwide delivery, installation, support we propose additional services for your cryotherapy business:

  • branding for your cryo chamber (your logo inside and outside the cabin and on the screen, outer shell color, inner upholstery color);
  • personnel training at your location;
  • extra warranty in addition to standard 2 or 3-year warranty for components, depending on the model.

All these features and options are aimed to make your cryotherapy business successful and profitable, and to make your customers’ cryotherapy experience unforgettable. Whether you decide to add options or not, you will receive a high-quality product trusted all over the world. 



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