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CJ Wilson: “Cold circles around you” in a cryosauna


28 degree night and CJ Wilson is a guy who goes through cryogenic therapy where he is in a cryogenic tank. The other day went down to -295 degrees!

Cryotherapy is similar to an ice bath but it’s a much faster way to get the same effect as sitting in icy water for 25 minutes. Wilson and a few other Rangers came to this facility in Dallas and spent 2.5 minutes in this tank with the temperature nearly 300 degrees below freezing.

Baseball players clearly answer the question who needs whole body cryotherapy.

“It helps you recover. Basically you stand in freezing can and cold air circulates around you”, tells Willson in this video.

He and the others see it as an edge. “I’do whatever because the 1% at this level is really valuable”.

Eric Washer says:

“We are just a tool for those guys in the toolbox so they can recover faster in sports. Whether you are a professional athlete or you’re doing marathons or triathlons or playing tennis or golf weekend warrior..”

Anyone can benefit from cryotherapy.

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