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Сoоl? – Сoоl!

Max Olivera

Max Olivera

The history of Cryomed had started long before famous Ronaldo got so excited being inside one of our Cryosaunas.
Now you can be even more excited with our Cryomed Pro! CRYOMED – Freezing cold like North Pole It will help to score your goal.

Our first model SpaceCabin we produced and showed the world in 2003. Cryosaunas by Cryomed quickly gained popularity around the world. SpaceCabin,the snowflake of the brand, has visited a lot of TV monitors and has found a lot of true fans.

All this time we are continuously improving our products through innovation and cutting edge technology. Other producers watch our progress and make use of our achievements, because cryotherapy is becoming more popular with every day.

But we at Cryomed are always one step forward: in 2016 Cryomed began to produce an absolutely new model of Cryosaunas – Cryomed Pro.

Even more emotions, even more colours – and unchangeable healing effect, caused by low temperatures!

Who can love it? – Someone who loves his body. And cares about his health.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

The healing power of ice is especially respected by sportsmen. For example, sport therapists of clubs “Juventus”, “Roma” and “Lazio” implicitly agree with its benefits and actively use Cryosaunas during the training process and rehabilitation of sportsmen. All three clubs in the Series A in Premier League Championship with others methods of preparation and regeneration for players also use cryotherapy.

And in our photo collection, the prize for hot emotions under extreme conditions holds Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo, who won Best FIFA Men’s Player 2016 award and has been granted the 2016 Club World Cup Golden Ball. The secret of his perfect shape – Cryosauna by Cryomed he keeps at home.

Сoоl? – Сoоl!

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Cryomed is a well-known cryotherapy saunas manufacturer. Our products are used all over the world. We have no secrets – just high-quality products and flexible equipment delivery conditions such as trade-in, lease or rental. Do you want to become our partner and start your own cryosauna business? Just contact us.

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