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In June of this year, a new Cryomed Mini model of a cryosauna was exhibited at the Elite Sport Expo 2017 international exhibition in London. The main objective was to develop a generally accessible device for cryotherapy – affordable, compact, economical and, of course, just as reliable as the Pro modification. We were able to make these requirements come true.

To make the cryotherapy service available for general public, we must be able to provide it at an affordable price. Since one of the most important components here are the cost of nitrogen and space rental, we have worked on these parameters to the maximum. Cryomed Mini cryosauna takes up 30% less space than the Pro model – just 1m2, and the expenses are 30% lower than the Pro. This model will be of interest to those whose premises have ceilings of limited height (or a trailer for the mobile version of the cryocabin), since the height of the Mini is just 1,780 mm vs. 2,450 mm of that of the Pro. Importantly, this cryosauna will be incredibly easy to install, because it will be transported as one ready-to-use unit, which will just have to be placed at the location of use and connected to a source of nitrogen. A pleasant bonus is the cryocabin’s shipping price, since it will take up only one transport pallet.

Cryomed Mini model is already certified by CE and can be ordered starting in September at very affordable prices.