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Dr Oz Demonstrates Whole Body Cryotherapy


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А cryotherapy chamber is introduced in Turkey for the first time by Dr. Mehmet OZ.

“Some people can try just about anything when it comes to their health no matter how bizarre or crazy it may seem. But some alternative therapies can put your health at serious risk. Today I’m revealing which ones can help and which ones are just hype. The first extreme alternative therapy is for pain management is called cryogenic chamber therapy. Cold therapy is the application of cold temperatures to all parts of our body. It’s something that we’ve used for a long time. Many of you may have tried this high-tech version – an ice pack. But imagine if you could grow it. Right over here is a cryosauna. It’s got liquid nitrogen that’s released into the chamber to cool down the body and reduce the inflammation and the pain. So what do you think: does it help or is it just hype?”

Watch the video and you’ll know.

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