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Get Local Cryotherapy Device With a 20% Discount!


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Autumn begins with a generous proposal by Cryomed – now you can get Cryofan СF-05 with a 20% discount! The offer is limited in time – hurry up to get our new-generation local cryotherapy device at a special price till the end of September’ 19. The proposal is valid for individual customers only.

Get device for local cryotherapy with a discount!

Get device for local cryotherapy with a discount!

Cryofan CF-05 is a successor to the highly popular CF-04 model featuring improved usability and enhanced safety. It uses a stream of supercooled nitrogen vapor to quickly and painlessly reduce the temperature of human skin and underlying tissues. Focused application of cold produces a variety of positive effects and is widely used in cosmetology, dermatology, traumatology, and sports medicine. Read more here.

Don’t miss a chance to become a member of our cryotherapy family or to expand your cryotherapy services! For more information please contact the Cryomed sales team.

B2B Proposal

Cryomed is a well-known cryosaunas manufacturer. Our products are used all over the world. We have no secrets – just high-quality products and flexible equipment delivery conditions such as trade-in, lease or rental. Do you want to become our partner and start your own cryosauna business? Just contact us.