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Health & wellness, athletic recovery, weight loss, beauty & anti-aging are among the benefits of cryotherapy. Find the latest scientific articles, research and clinical studies on Whole Body Cryotherapy and its effects on pain relief, athletic recovery, muscle relaxation and more. Cryotherapy facts, cryosauna treatment information, pictures. Cryotherapy for health, fitness & beauty.





New Cryofan model released

Cryomed announces the release of a new, improved version of its highly successful Cryofan CF-04 model. Cryofan CF-05 is based on the same simple, yet reliable and durable design, and features a number of improvements on the safety and usability sides.

The Many Facets of Cryotherapy

The Many Facets of Cryotherapy   To those who are not closely familiar with the latest and hottest trends in restorative healthcare, the term “cryotherapy” may appear to be a bit out of this world, bringing up associations with astronauts put to a deep slumber...