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Dennis Mitchell and Alexander Lyubchenko

Dennis Mitchell and Alexander Lyubchenko

Would you like to start a new running season? Stimulate yourself with deep cold! American sports school of Dennis Mitchell recommends cryotherapy sessions.

Dennis Allen Mitchell (Havelock, North Carolina, USA) – a sportsman since his student years. An Olympic champion. A well-known athlete, a sprinter who specializes in 100 m race. At the Barcelona Olympics as part of relay team Mitchell ran his third world and Olympic record in a 4 x 100 meters relay in 37.40.

This result did not get improved for 16 years. A multiple winner of relay races at various levels. He never finished lower than 4th place in all competitions.

Dennis Mitchell

Dennis Mitchell

After the great sporting career Dennis Mitchell trains and educates new champions. To this end, developed his own method. In his work as a coach he has developed his own methods.

For better muscles recovery and strengthening of ligaments in particular he recommends cryotherapy. A director of company Cryomed™ Alexander Lyubchenko had the good fortune to visit to training facilities of Dennis Mitchell and Mr Mitchell voiced his appreciation for Cryosaunas of Cryomed™.

“A fast start gets even faster after those cold treatments” – sprinters joke in Mitchell’s training sessions.


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