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Viruses will not get you


In spring, when our bodies are weakened by the lack of sunlight and vital micronutrients after a long winter, we become vulnerable to colds and other viral diseases. As there is no cure for them, it is wiser to prevent catching a bug and feeling miserable for 7 to 10 days. There are well-known and simple ways to keep away from cold and flu, like washing your hands thoroughly or avoiding sick people. But the most important one is boosting immune systems.

Active immune system reduces the risk of getting sick, and even if you do catch a cold, you will recover faster and the symptoms will be less intense. One of the most efficient ways of strengthening your immunity system is extreme cold. 

Does cryotherapy boost immune system? And will cryotherapy help getting over a virus?

Cryotherapy or “cold treatment” has been an effective method of pain management for centuries. However, the first machine able to create extremely low temperatures, below – 100°C, was constructed only at the end of the 1970s by Professor Yamauchi. Now, after numerous researches, cold therapy has become recognized as an efficient means of dealing with multiple health and wellness issues.

Cold for prevention of seasonal maladies

Short-time exposure to extremely low temperatures between -110°C and -170°C has been proven to strengthen the immune system. Whole-body cryotherapy triggers systemic adaptive thermoregulation mechanisms. The response of the body to extreme cold occurs through changes in the endocrine, circulatory, nervous-muscular, and immune systems, which results in analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidative effects.  

Ten three-minute sessions taken daily or every other day help you feel better and fight infections more efficiently. Except for the immunity boost, whole-body cryotherapy improves sleep, reduces stress, releases endorphins. All these factors are known to make your body more resistant to seasonal colds and flu.

Healthy body resist viruses more effectively

Healthy body resist viruses more effectively. Cryotherapy is good for your immune system… Read also: How often should I do cryotherapy to get some results?

No stress

Researches show that cryotherapy improves both psychological and bodily well-being and enhances the mood due to increased production of endorphins. Regular cryotherapy sessions will result in a lasting sense of good health and vitality, deep relaxation, even euphoria. A sound body, both mentally and physically, resists diseases better than a weakened one, it is a fact.

Live healthy

There is more than one trick to enhance your natural resistance to beat colds and flu. Practicing healthy habits is essential for your well-being, and they only work together. Proper nutrition alone will not help if you do not exercise regularly or move enough; cryotherapy sessions will not work magic if you only eat fast food. A balanced diet, good hygiene, regular physical activity, plenty of sleep, staying relaxed – all these are pieces of the puzzle to fit together and make up our overall well-being and the ability to resist viruses, be it coronavirus or a common cold. Keep fit, and stay healthy!