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Why NBA teams prefer Whole Body Cryotherapy


Good scores of any sportsman depend not only on the age and level of his professional skills, but also on general well-being. Physical and moral health support is as important as intensive trainings before competitions. Serious injuries can unsettle him for a definite, often long recovery period that can affect the results in team sports. The last NBA Playoffs series are strongly exemplified in this case. Cleveland Cavaliers lost to Golden State having forfeited two injured All-Stars – Kevin Love (shoulder trauma) and Kyrie Irving (fractured knee cap). Some individual health-improvement programs are developed during the preparation and rehabilitation according to the kind of activity, load and trauma severity score. They allow not only fast recovering after injuries, but also strengthening the organism and improving the psychical health. Of course, none of such programs can save from traumatizing, but they can prevent from the injury pain at the very inopportune moment.

Nowadays cryotherapy is a part of many similar programs and it proves itself as an anti-inflammatory method. At the same time it strengthens the body defenses and improves the psycho-emotional state of athletes. Earlier ice baths and cold wraps were used for similar purposes, but modern cryotherapeutic equipment provides more comfortable and resultant treatment in a short-time period. After the procedure the joint constraint passes, edema and inflammation are decreased and pain of different origin is suppressed. This is due to the short-term influence of extra low temperature (-160˚С) on the skin surface that forces the organism activating different reduction processes, accelerating the recovery and improving the well-being. There are a lot of scientific researches, which prove positive action of therapy in different muscles, soft tissues and joint damages. Therefore the method develops successfully in sports medicine.

Besides, cryotherapy is a standard health-improvement and prophylactic procedure for many teams of the National Basketball Association. For example, Phoenix Suns were among the first who experienced beneficial influence of this method. Every year the growing number of professional teams confirms the effective impact of the therapy: New York Nicks, Toronto Raptors, Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic, Minnesota Timberwolves, San Antonio Spurs and others. In order to have an opportunity to go through cryotherapy procedures every good moment these teams have installed cryoequipment at their training centers. Some players like the therapy so much that they have obtained individual cryosaunas for their own homes. The Whole Body Cryotherapy is actively used also by such NBA All-Stars as Paul Millsap (Atlanta Hawks), Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers) and LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers).

The best proofs of the method effectiveness are positive responses given by players of the premier professional basketball league in the world. And if sports achievements (personal or professional) play a significant role in your life, look closely at the Whole Body Cryotherapy and maybe you will include it to your program of preparation for competitions.

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