Cryomed Mini


Cryomed Mini

What is Cryomed Mini?

Cryomed Mini was developed as a plain and affordable version of Cryomed One cryochamber. You can opt for this model if you intend to start your mobile cryotherapy business or want to have a small cryotherapy home unit. Along with the look, Cryomed Mini kept all the good things that Cryomed One features:

it has a small footprint, covering only one square meter

it comes as one piece

it does not require installation

On the whole, the price of Cryomed Mini cryochamber and its maintenance costs are lower than for standard cryotherapy equipment.

Regarding nitrogen consumption, Cryomed Mini cryosauna is saving, too. In addition, it has the same dual nitrogen feed, making it compatible with both pressurized and non-pressurized tanks

Cryomed Mini gives you everything you need for efficient cryotherapy sessions. For remote diagnostics and software updates, it has a service port to connect a laptop to.

Technical Characteristics

We offer Cryomed Mini cryosaunas with two types of liquid nitrogen feed:

Dewar type set

Dewar type set

Dewar type with liquid nitrogen fed from non-pressurized tanks (two 40-liter Dewars are included into the set)

Pressurized type set

Pressurized type set

Pressurized tank type with liquid nitrogen fed from pressurized tanks connected to a cryosauna via a cryogenic valve. Tank capacity varies from 80 liters to 5,000 liters. The tank is not included in the set, but can be rented from your nitrogen supplier.

With Cryomed Mini cryosauna you do not need to know from the very beginning which version will work better for you, with non-pressurized or pressurized nitrogen tanks. One version can be easily converted into the other by buying a special feeding module for non-pressurized tanks.

Benefits of Cryomed Mini Cryogenic Therapy Chamber

  • small size and weight – shipment packaging doesn’t exceed 197 x 113 x 135 cm and 390 kg;
  • easy installation (within 10 minutes) due to all-in-one design;
  • reasonable price;
  • 7“ touch screen;
  • 2-year warranty for components, or max. 2,000 sessions (whatever comes first);
Benefits of Cryomed Mini Cryogenic Therapy Chamber
  • innovative technology of nitrogen dosing with fully automatic treatment temperature leveling;
  • Customization according to your requirements;
  • suitable to install into the vehicle as a mobile unit;
  • lowest nitrogen consumption;
  • simple and easy preparation before a session

Standard Set for Cryomed Mini

  • S cabin size (internal D 75 cm x H 160 cm, external D 90 cm x H 174 cm);
  • 7’’ touch screen control; 
  • grey / white / black outer shell;
  • grey/blue inner upholstery;
  • open door sensor;
  • emergency stop;
  • nitrogen pressure release valve (dual version only);
  • special footwear for sessions, 2 pairs;
  • elevator pad, 1 pc.

Standard Set for Cryomed Mini

Customize your Cryomed Mini Chamber

Customize your Cryomed Mini Chamber

You can customize your Cryomed Mini cryosauna with additional options:

  • choose a bigger cabin size: M (174 x 100 cm) or  L (184 x 100 cm);  
  • add customized branding (embroidered logo on the inner upholstery, a big logo on the outer shell, welcome screen logo);
  • customize outer shell color (18 additional colors);
  • customize inner upholstery color (10 additional colors)

To visualize optional colors, please visit https://cryomedpro.com/cryomed-pro/ (Cryomed Pro and Cryomed Mini share the same shell and upholstery colors).


We offer the following options to enhance user experience during a cryotherapy session:

  • Bluetooth audio system to listen to favorite music;
  • Samsung / Apple tablet to watch videos or promos;
  • additional elevator pads  to adjust the elevator height (each pad is 8 cm high);
  • cabin cover + collar + gloves to ensure better cooling  of the shoulders and upper torso;
  • gloves to cool the arms better.

Here are some options for the operator’s convenience:

  • operator step 30 cm high;
  • transportation wheels to move your cryosauna if needed;
  • 2-meter long cryogenic hose for reliable connection with a pressurized tank fully compatible with ASCO cryogenic valves.

Mobile Cryotherapy Business for a Reasonable Price

We are working hard to bring whole-body cryotherapy closer to the people, that is why while working on our new models we focused on their affordability and straightforward operation. 

Cryomed Mini was developed for those who intend to start their cryotherapy business or to expand the list of services, but do not want to pay extra money for the functions they do not need. All cryo chamber machines for sale and other Cryomed’s cryogenic equipment come with flexible financial options.

How much does a cryo chamber machine  such as Cryomed Mini cost? Its  final price depends on a number of additional options you choose. For detailed information please contact our sales team.