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Cryomed One Medical

What is Cryomed One Medical?

Cryomed One M is a compact medical device compatible both with pressurized and non-pressurized liquid nitrogen tanks. It was developed according to the needs of medical practitioners, hospitals, specialized clinics and other health care institutions who want to make whole-body cryotherapy available for their customers while maximizing the space utilization.

This compact cryosauna conforms to the most stringent safety requirements set out in EC Directive 93/42/EEC and ISO requirements in relation to medical devices, EN ISO 13485:2016.

Safety First


In addition to safety features available in earlier models: 

  • client position sensor which does not initiate the session or shuts it down if the customer’s position is wrong;
  • open door sensor, which stops the session if the cabin door is open for any reason;
  • LN overflow protection, both electronic and mechanical, to prevent any access of liquid nitrogen into the cabin;
  • emergency stop button for the operator to be able to stop the session at any time.

Cryomed One M has an operator sensor to make sure that the operator stays at the control panel at all times during the session. Mind that this makes impossible using an app to operate a cryosauna remotely, with a phone or tablet. Also, there is an additional module to monitor the cryosauna’s main controller which can shut the session down if any malfunction is detected.  

All safety features are made redundant so that if one fails the other will be activated.



Technical data:

  • session temperature: between -110°C and -170°C;
  • precooling: up to 3  minutes;
  • liquid nitrogen consumption (precooling): 2.6 kgs;
  • liquid nitrogen consumption (session): 0.66 kgs per minute on the average;
  • power consumption: up to 1 kW;
  • mains supply: 230 V/16 A, 50-60 Hz; 
  • circuit breaker type: “C”; 
  • weight: up to 250 kgs;
  • measurements: H 1,780 mm  x L 1,120 mm x W 900 mm. 


  • EC Directive 93/42/EEC
  • EN ISO 13485:2016
Specifications Cryomed One M

Benefits of Cryomed One M


 Benefits of Cryomed One
  • small footprint, covering only 1 sq. m, with minimal height possible;
  • easy installation (within 10 minutes) due to all-in-one design;
  • lower nitrogen consumption due to proprietary evaporation system design;
  • flexible nitrogen source connection, compatible both with pressurized and non-pressurized tanks;
  • more comfortable cryotherapy sessions due to proprietary technology of temperature regulation.

Design Your Own Cryomed One M


You can personalize Cryomed One M with the following options: 

  • select outer shell color (standard colors are white/grey; please consult our sales department for optional colors);
  • select internal upholstery color (9 colors).

Design Your Own Cryomed One M

Optional Accessories for Cryomed One M:

  • additional elevator pads;  
  • cabin cover + collar + gloves; 
  • gloves; 
  • operator step;
  • cryogenic hose, 2 m.

Additional Standard Accessories for Cryomed One M:

  • footwear, 1 pair;
  • 40-litre Dewar tank on a wheeled platform.