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What is Cryomed Pro Medical?

Cryomed Pro M was developed according to the needs of medical practices, hospitals and specialized clinics. Once they are interested in whole body cryotherapy, they need official, certified medical device. After an important period of testing and efficiency approval and all the technical parameters control we accomplished certification process, successfully get medical certification and get ready to produce medical cryosauna Cryomed Pro M.

Cryomed Pro M device contains newly developed, CE approved electronic system controlled by touch screen TECO, focusing on reliability and maximum protection of the customer.

Cryomed Pro M is available in valve technical mode ready to use pressurized vessel with capacity up to 5000 liters.

Cryomed Pro M is manufactured according to high medical standards and suitable for use in medical facilities. Clients will feel better and look younger and healthier. Whole-body cryotherapy is a medical treatment widely used in medical practices, sports medicine and physiotherapy field.

Technical characteristics


Dewar vessel

Dewar type set:

  • Cryosauna — 1 pc
  • Dewar vessel (40 liters) — 2 pcs
  • Fur boots — 2 pairs
Pressurize type set

Pressurize type set:

  • Cryosauna — 1 pc
  • Cryogenic valve with pipe — 1 pc
  • Fur boots — 2 pairs
  • NOTE: pressurized vessel isn’t the part of delivery set.

Benefits of Cryomed PRO M


Benefits of Cryomed PRO Medical

  • 4,3“ inches TECO touch screen
  • Door safety sensor
  • Emergency STOP button
  • 3 years warranty for components max. 3000 procedures (what comes first)
  • Remote controlling the device by a desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Wi-Fi or LAN Connectivity – easy updating of software and optimizing all the features
  • Active reporting system – current figures of the device sent directly into an email
  • Innovative technology of nitrogen dosing with fully automatic treatment temperature leveling

Benefits of Cryomed PRO Medical

  • Own Start-Up screen logo
  • Two type of nitrogen source connectivity to the device:
    • Pressurized cylinder with capacity from 100 to 5000 l
  • High-quality of industrial components and controllers (Teco, Schneider) are the guarantee of long-term lifetime of Cryomed Pro
  • Low nitrogen consumption
  • Simple and easy preparation steps of the device before procedure
  • Available in two colors: grey and white

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Technical features


Power Supply220V ± 22V AC, 50Hz / 110V ± 11V AC, 50-60Hz
Maximum Power Consumption, KW1,5
Unit Weight, KgLess than 400
Dimensions LxWxH, Mm2200х1550х900 (2450х1550х900)
Temperature Inside The Cabinfrom -110°C to -190°C
Cooling Duration1 min
Liquid Nitrogen Consumption (precooling), L2
Liquid Nitrogen Consumption (treatment), L1 per minute

Medical Certification


Cryomed Pro M has gone through all security, safety and efficacy tests by Institute for Testing and Certification.

This means that our device Cryomed PRO M has been certified as meeting the requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices, Annex II excluding (4) and now is officially a Medical Cryotherapy Device class 2B.