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What is a Dewar Vessel?

Dewar vessels are specialized types of vacuum flasks (also known as “cryogenic dewar flasks” or “liquid nitrogen flasks”) designed for transportation and storage of large quantities of liquid nitrogen, argon and oxygen. The high construction efficiency of the thermal insulation system guarantees the maximum duration of cryogen storage.

Liquid nitrogen Dewars offer highly efficient cryopreservation combined with low weight and modest space requirements. They would be suitable for use in research labs, spa and beauty centers, healthcare, industrial construction and sports medicine.

Cryomed liquid nitrogen dewar flasks are available in different sizes – small and large: 5; 10; 16; 35; 40; 45 liters volume.

Technical characteristics of dewar nitrogen tanks


  • Cryogenic dewars have high storage capacity and refilling ability (from 5 to 45l);
  • Compatible customized size (outer diameter from 260 to 550 mm; height – from 420 to 820 mm);
  • Low evaporation rate;
  • Low empty weight (from 5,3 to 19,6 kg);
  • Advanced vacuum and insulation technologies;
  • Minimal nitrogen losses;
  • All types of transportation are available;
  • Assigned service life – 8 years under proper conditions.
Model of Dewar VesselNitrogen Dewar Capacity, litersNumber of days until complete evaporation of nitrogenDewar Vessel Mass without nitrogen, kgDiameter of neck, mmDewar Vessel Sizes, mm

When using liquid nitrogen, be sure to use highest quality cryo-gloves and clothes to protect staff.

The quality of the cryogenic Dewars is an effective guarantee of their reliability, safety and convenience in working with cryotherapy procedures.

Cryogenic Storage In Cryotherapy

Please kindly note that:
If you use professional equipment like Cryomed Pro and/or Cryofan, the most suitable flask is the 40l Dewar vessel. It is the most efficient type of liquid nitrogen tank, with the advantages of little nitrogen loss and medium range storage capacity. We are conscious of the needs of professionals from all over the world. Now transporting your cryogens is safe and easy.

Dewar Vessel Customization

Small Dewars are ideal for temporary storage of liquid nitrogen in laboratories or even at home. Flasks with bigger volumes are perfect for beauty and medical centers. You can choose whatever you need.

Foot type and small hand type nitrogen Dewars are both available for sale. Please, feel free to contact us about liquid nitrogen dewar prices!

Cryomed can satisfy every customer’s requirements.

Dewars Vessel Prices

If you have any additional questions about the Dewars, contact us now!