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Besides the manufacturing of high-quality cryotherapy equipment, we provide full service and support for our products at any stage. Delivery of whole-body and local cryotherapy equipment, installation, maintenance and support, as well as marketing and staff training – all these services are available to our customers and dealers.

Delivery Of Cryosaunas And Other Cryotherapy Equipment

We provide worldwide delivery of our cryotherapy equipment. Our shipping methods:

by truck: estimated delivery time (European countries) 1-4 business days

by air: estimated delivery time up to 10 business days

by sea: estimated delivery time up to 30 business days

  • Alternatively, you can handle shipping by yourself. 
  • We can assure safe packing for all offered shipping methods, therefore, you are free to choose the shipping method to better suit your needs.

Cryosauna Installation

We provide detailed consultation before you get your cryosauna helping you choose the best option according to your needs taking into account the available premises. 

  • All cryo machine specifications, space covered, dimensions, ventilation requirements, nitrogen source requirements and other necessary information which can be helpful during the installation is also provided by us. 
  • For some models, like Cryomed Mini, Cryomed One,  Cryomed One+, no installation is needed as they come in one piece. 
  • As for the Pro line (Cryomed Basic, Cryomed Pro, Cryomed Pro+), there are several options. We can send you assembly instructions and a video, our technicians can support the installation on Skype etc. or come and assemble the unit at your location. In any case, our technical specialists are available for your help almost 24/7.

Maintenance And Technical Support For Your Cryogenic Equipment

Our specialists are always ready to consult you on any operational issues. 

  • Standard 3-year (Cryomed One, Cryomed Pro, Cryomed Pro+ and Cryomed One+) or 2-year (Cryomed Mini, Cryomed Basic) warranty covers replacement parts. Under extended warranty, our technician can go to your location to replace faulty parts if needed.
  • We also provide post-warranty cryosauna service for an additional fee. You can opt for a yearly technical support subscription or pay per hour, as well as choose a  technician’s visit for repair and maintenance or order post-warranty cryosauna’s firmware upgrade.
Promotional brochure from Cryomed

Promotional brochure from Cryomed

Marketing Of Cryosaunas

Our marketing team will supply you with the latest promo materials and provide assistance with marketing plans, with promotional strategies and branding.

In addition, we provide several options to customize your cryosauna with your branding to fit your company image:

  • we can add your embroidered logo on the inner upholstery, a sticker with your logo on the outer shell, as well as add you logo to welcome screen;
  • you can customize outer shell color with 18 additional colors;
  • you can opt for customized inner upholstery color choosing out of 10 additional colors.
Cryomed provides personnel training on cryotherapy basics and the use of cryotherapy equipment

Cryomed provides personnel training on cryotherapy basics and the use of cryotherapy equipment

Staff Training

We are strongly convinced that well-trained and competent personnel is essential for your success. The operators are supposed to know the way whole-body cryotherapy works and its effects on the human body. That is why we provide personnel training covering cryotherapy basics and the use of our cryotherapy equipment. Our specialist will come to your location for a one-day training. The training is available upon request.

If you are interested in our services please contact our sales team for a detailed advice.