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Welcome to the meeting point for buyers and sellers of used cryotherapy machines. This is the place where sellers can quickly sell, and the buyers can choose the most suitable option and be sure their cryotherapy equipment runs smoothly and their personnel are properly trained.

For the new owners, we offer dismantling, delivery, assembly at the new place, too.

Please feel free to contact our sales
department for more details.

If you want to sell used cryotherapy equipment, please kindly fill in the form below.

Used cryosaunas in stock


Used cryosauna: Cryomed MINI

Used cryosauna: Cryomed MINI (pressurized, wooden shell, grey/grey) / 0001

  • Type: Whole body cryotherapy chambers
  • M-sized cabin unit
  • 7‘‘ touch screen
  • Door sensor
  • 1x cryogenic valve

Standard component set: 2x fur boots, 1x cushion, 1x manual
Year of manufacture: 2019
Location: our warehouse

Price: 15,000 EUR

Used cryotherapy equipment: Kriosystem Life Mobile Cryotherapy Chamber with a 1,000-liter integrated tank in perfect condition

  • Year of manufacture: 2017
  • Location: France

Price: 40,000 EUR

Used cryosauna: Juka, model 104-1, bought in 2019, with few sessions made, in excellent condition

  • Year of manufacture: 2019
  • Number os sessions on the counter: 85
  • Location: New York, USA

Price: 33,000 EUR, negotiable

Used cryosauna: Space Cabin, bought in 2015, in very good condition

  • Year of manufacture: 2015
  • Number of sessions on the counter: 5824
  • Location: Florida, USA

Price: 16,500 USD

FAQ about used cryotherapy equipment

What do you offer for buyers of used cryotherapy machines?

You can choose cryosaunas of different brands displayed on our website. 

We offer advice on the benefits of all available cryo tanks and equipment depending on your needs. 

Some cryotherapy chambers are stored in our warehouse, some machines are at the seller’s. Upon agreement, for a separate fee, we will inspect the machine at the seller’s location and repair it, if needed, disassemble it and deliver it to you with the subsequent installation and operator training.

How does it work for the owners of used cryotherapy machines?

For a reasonable monthly fee, we will put up the information about your equipment on a dedicated page on our website. You will need to provide:

  • a detailed description of your cryosauna,
  • a manual,
  • a statement on the functional state of the equipment, including the number of sessions run.

You will receive all the inquiries from potential buyers interested in your equipment. In addition, we will actively offer this option to people who contact us daily via our website.

If the deal is made, you will have to pay us 10% for mediation.