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Cryotherapy Videos: whole body cryotherapy chambers where the temperature is more than 200 degrees below zero.  Watch videos showing how whole body cryotherapy stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities. Benefits of cryotherapy for sports and fitness. Cryotherapy in Dr. Oz, Discovery Channel, The Doctors and more.

Canada's First CryoTherapy
Centre and Spa.
800 calories in 3 minutes. Total Muscle Recovery at Icebox Cryotheraphy. DaMon Mayers
Cryosauna at Mederi Health.
Ice therapy never looked this cool. Contour Rehabilitation and Wellness Center introduces the Cryo Sauna, a revolutionary machine that offers a convenient method for speeding up the recovery process.
Dr Oz Demonstrates Whole Body Cryotherapy
CJ Wilson talks about the benefits of using Cyrosauna Therapy during the press conference.
Cryosauna on Discovery Channel.
Today Show Channel 9. Freeze Yourself
Phoenix Suns unveil the cryo-chamber to all the players.
The Doctors talk about the benefits of Cryo Therapy, Reduce Inflammation, Sports Recovery.
Cryosauna Hellas
The most frequently asked questions on the benefits of cryotherapy featuring Lorrie Jago, COO Chill Cryosauna Franchise, Director of Operations.