Cryomed Basic


What is Cryomed Basic?

Cryomed Basic cryosauna is an affordable version of our flagship Cryomed Pro. Cryomed Basic cryotherapy system has the same level of nitrogen consumption, similar technical characteristics, and essential safety features. It has LED lighting on the top and under the cabin and can be easily customized to fit your interior design.

This cryotherapy tank model has no Wi-Fi or LAN connectivity, but you can still receive software updates or diagnostics if your laptop is connected to a service port.

The idea was to design a full-body cryosauna that would keep the look of Cryomed Pro but cost less. That is why we removed some features which do not affect the efficiency of a cryotherapy session, scaled down its standard set and reduced warranty period. All these modifications affected the price of our cryosauna, but not its quality.

Here is a summary of the differences between the two models:

ModelTouch screen sizeWi-Fi/LAN Connectivity Remote controlActive reporting systemWarranty
Cryomed Pro10“+++3 years, or 3,000 sessions
Cryomed Basic7“2 years, or 2,000 sessions

Cryomed Basic Photos


Technical characteristics


We offer Cryomed Basic cryotanks with two types of liquid nitrogen feed:

Dewar type with liquid nitrogen fed from non-pressurized tanks (two 40-liter Dewars are included into the price).

Pressurized tank type with liquid nitrogen fed from pressurized tanks connected to a cryosauna via a cryogenic valve. Tank capacity varies from 80 liters to 5,000 liters. The tank is not included into the price, but can be rented from your nitrogen supplier.

Standard set for Cryomed Basic


  • M-size cabin (internal D 85 cm x H 160 cm, external D 100 cm x H 174 cm)
  • Grey/white/black outer shell
  • Grey/blue inner upholstery
  • 7“ touch screen
  • Open door sensor
  • Steel-cased temperature sensor
  • Pressure release valve (valve type only)
  • Emergency stop
  • Digital dimmer
  • RGB LED at the top and under the cabin
  • Special footwear for sessions, 2 pairs
  • Elevator pad, 1 pc

Customize your Cryomed Basic

You can customize your cryosauna with the following options:

  • сhoose smaller or bigger cabin size: S (174 x 90 cm) or  L (184 x 100 cm);
  • add customized branding (embroidered logo on the inner upholstery, a big logo on the outer shell, welcome screen logo);
  • customize outer shell color (18 additional colors) and inner upholstery color (10 additional colors). To visualize optional colors, please visit https://cryomedpro.com/cryomed-pro/, as they are the same as in Cryomed Pro;

We offer optional components for the operator’s convenience and to enhance user experience during a cryotherapy session. You can also buy additional standard accessories. Feel free to contact our sales team to learn more.  

Pro quality at a Basic price


We know how difficult it is to launch a new business. And we know starting a cryotherapy business could be a real challenge. That is why we see our mission not only in manufacturing quality cryo equipment but also in supporting your business growth. Our product line includes cryotherapy equipment for any businesses, whether it is a huge medical centre, a VIP beauty salon, a sports team, or a mobile cryotherapy center.

Cryomed Basic is a good deal for those who like Cryomed Pro’s style, but do not need all the functions bundled with its standard package. In Cryomed Basic best features are combined with a reasonable price.