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Whole-body and local cryotherapy has become a new trend in wellness, recovery, and sports medicine. Thousands of people are attending specialized cryo centers or use cryo cabinets in clinics every day. A 10-session course can be effective if you need to recover after injury or excessive physical activity, for example.

But sometimes, people need constant access to cryotherapy machines and decide to have their own cryotherapy equipment at home.

First, let’s see what at-home cryotherapy can look like depending on your needs.

Good old ice packs

It’s the simplest and cheapest form of home cryotherapy. You can use an ice pack to help remedy sprain or muscle strain, to reduce pain from a bruise or burn. In pharmacies, you can find form-fitting ice packs for better contact with the injured area. But, frankly, a pack of frozen vegetables is no less effective for minor injuries.

The main advantage of this cryotherapy method is its availability and cheapness. The main disadvantage is that it can be used in limited cases for minor injuries and is not very efficient for more severe problems.

Ice Baths

Another method of at-home cryotherapy is ice baths. Here we wrote about the main differences and similarities between ice baths and cryosaunas. 

Even today, many people use ice baths for faster muscle recovery after intense workouts, for example, or as a rather effective method for the treatment of sleep disorders like insomnia. Some people even buy professional ice bathtubs, which are deeper and allow for better body coverage than a standard bathtub.

This method of at-home cryotherapy is rather popular, but there are some disadvantages – 

uncomfortable feelings during a 10-minute session and low proved efficiency.

For a more pronounced effect, it is better to use professional cryotherapy equipment.

Local cryotherapy devices

Compact local cryotherapy devices are good if you have one specific area that needs to be treated by the cold. For example, you have chronic knee pain and need continuous access to cryotherapy for pain management. Or you want to use the cold as a natural anti-aging means to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. For such cases, a cryofan was developed. 

The main advantages of Cryofan CF-04 are its portability and simplicity in use. It can be used both for professional and for personal purposes. Moreover, a local cryotherapy machine is ideal for people who can’t use a whole-body cryosauna for some reason.

The only inconvenience that can make you doubt if you need Cryofan CF-04 at your home is the necessity to refill a Dewar tank with liquid nitrogen from time to time. But this model has the lowest nitrogen consumption for such devices, which does not exceed 0.75 l per 10-minute session (a 40-liter Dewar tank is enough for around 40 sessions considering that small amounts of nitrogen evaporate from the tank every day).

Whole-body cryosauna

You can also buy a cryosauna for home use. These devices are not cheap but offer you all the benefits of whole-body cryotherapy in the comfort of your home. By purchasing a cryosauna for your home spa, you get unlimited access to cryo sessions, which boost your energy levels, help deal with stress, improve sleep, might be helpful for pain management, reducing inflammation and swelling, among other things.

For home use, our Cryomed Mini can be the right choice, as it comes in one piece, doesn’t require installation, covers only one square meter, and has minimal nitrogen consumption. Due to these features, it has a reasonable price and requires low running costs. These factors might be crucial when choosing a cryosauna for your home spa.

A factor that can push you away from making a decision to buy a cryosauna for at-home cryotherapy is the same need to refill Dewar tanks with liquid nitrogen, plus, in the long run, maintenance costs. But such costs are common if you buy medical or any other complex equipment. 

Bear in mind: the room where a cryosauna will be installed should have proper ventilation.

Choosing a suitable cryotherapy method depends on the problem you want to solve with the help of extremely cold temperatures. If you want to deal with permanent stress, booking sessions nearby may be a better solution than buying your own cryosauna. But if you have chronic pain issues or strenuous physical activity is your lifestyle, these might be the reasons to consider purchasing professional cryotherapy equipment.

If you are ready to buy a cryosauna or local cryotherapy device for at-home use, or have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us: + 421 918 250 160 or info@cryomedpro.com