Cryotherapy Machine Trade-In


Cryotherapy Machine Trade-In. Used Cryotherapy Machine For Sale

Why to trade-in a cryotherapy chamber?

The cryosauna trade-in service from Cryomed is an excellent opportunity for owners of older cryotherapy equipment to upgrade their cryo chambers at a considerable discount.

The cryotherapy machine trade-in service spares owners the trouble of having to locate potential buyers for their used equipment and ship it to them.

Cryotherapy machine trade-in conditions

As part of its unique cryo cabin trade-in program:

  • Cryomed will exchange used cryotherapy equipment from ANY manufacturer for a hefty 10-50% discount on any new Cryomed Pro or Cryomed Mini unit.
  • The size of the discount is based on the condition of the equipment being exchanged and will be determined by a professional assessment.
  • Cryomed will take care of the logistics by picking up your used cryo chamber or any cryotherapy units upon delivering the new ones.

The cryo chamber trade-in service is a unique offer that applies to both Cryomed Pro (dewar or pressurized) and Cryomed Mini (pressurized) cryosaunas and is only available for EU customers.

Is it really about ANY old cryosauna of ANY manufacturer?

Yes. You can use our trade-in option to exchange old / used / refurbished cryotherapy equipment from ANY manufacturer.

Do you provide used cryosauna for sale?

No. The cryosauna trade-in service from Cryomed is an excellent opportunity to upgrade YOUR used cryo chambers at a considerable discount.

Are your cryosaunas refurbished?

No. Cryomed provides new cryosaunas for every customer. You can take advantage of our offer about trade-in for your older cryotherapy equipment right now!

About Cryomed

Cryomed has a proven track record of producing top-grade cryosaunas on the European market. We are happy to offer the cryotherapy trade-in option to its own customers as well as prospective clients seeking a good deal for renewing their cryogenic equipment within the shortest time possible.

All Cryomed cryosaunas are fully certified and meet the most stringent EU standards in relation to operational efficiency, quality of components, personal and environmental safety, and more.

If you own or manage:

  • – a sport club
  • – rehab center
  • – a small hotel with a spa
  • – a medical office
  • – or any other establishment that deals with restorative therapy, including cryotherapy

this cryo cabin financing option is your perfect opportunity to start enjoying the benefits of modern technologies without having to spend time selling your old equipment and applying for a bank loan.

Just contact us at info@cryomedpro.com or call us at +421 948 224 850 to discuss the details and we will provide you with a personalized quote for your equipment upgrade.

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