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“Entering the cryochamber”. Cryosauna as a cosmetic procedure


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Jett Cosmetics prepared this demo video presentation about cryotherapy and cryosaunas.

Cryotherapy is a whole body application of cold during a short span of time. The temperature inside the cabin ranges from -110°C to -180°C. The maximum amount of time spent inside is 120-180 seconds.

The air is cooled with liquid nitrogen. The air is dry, so it doesn’t cause cold burns.

Cryotherapy can be used in 3 areas:

  • Medicine
  • Wellness
  • Sport

From the video you can learn more details and benefits of cryotherapy in each of these areas.

Also you can see the whole cryotherapy procedure starting from the measurement of blood pressure to signing the informed consent with contraindications.

After watching this video presentation you’ll ensure that cryotherapy is totally safe.

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