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Cryosauna at Mederi Health


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In the video people who are suffering from chronic pain tell us about their experience of cryotherapy procedures.

“Yesterday I was in awful accident… And I just couldn’t wait to get in with cryo today. It was one of my first thoughts of a therapy that would help… My pain was about 8, but now it’s gone down to about 4. I am feeling good, I’m pretty clear in my mind and have a lot of energy but I’m calm. And that is good!”

I have a constant level of pain in my right shoulder and in my left foot from different operations that I’ve had in the past. The level of pain is moderate, but it’s constant. So right now I’m not feeling any pain in my shoulder. I would have to say that it’s been so far 10 minutes after the treatment and I still feel really good. I would definitely recommend it!

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