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Doctors about the benefits of Cryotherapy


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We know it is important put water in our bodies to stay healthy. But this video is about the liquids we can use on our bodies to improve the way we feel.

In the video we see liquid nitrogen -200 to -250° F, that’s colder than the Arctic. The Doctor asks the question: so what does cold air do to our body? And then he answers: “It constricts your blood vessels. That’s why we use ice on injuries”. He makes the experiment with the balloon to demonstrate this effect.

One of the doctors goes to a cryosauna to try cryotherapy by himself. “You’ll stand in the cryo chamber and you are gonna have mist around you. It’s gonna look kind of like the steam of dry ice..”, he has a warning.  

Wow! That was cold in there!, he says after the cryotherapy session. See the other impressions of cryotherapy in the video.

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