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Disinfection tips for reopening


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Step by step, countries are releasing the lockdown. When you plan your own re-opening, there are plenty of things to keep in mind, including proper disinfection. First of all, as many governments have issued relevant guidelines for businesses, make sure to read them carefully, and implement all the recommendations.


Proper disinfection will help to earn the trust of your customers

Proper disinfection will help to earn the trust of your customers

We’ve prepared a list of disinfection tips for health and wellness businesses that could be common for all countries and are useful for any time. 

 1. Think about the way to protect your employees who are in contact with the customers. Develop your own procedure and train your employees to follow it thoroughly. In most countries, it would be mandatory for employees to wear masks and gloves.

2. Redesign the way you work with your customers leaving sufficient time between them. Some countries might have specific guidelines about the minimum time gap between two visitors. This time is used for disinfecting all surfaces the customer had contacted, starting from door handles.

3. It makes sense to inform your customers about the new arrangements via your website and social networks. In most countries, masks would be a must for the customer.

4. As for cryotherapy sessions, make sure to use disposable socks and gloves for each customer.  When your customer comes, offer to disinfect his hands with a sanitizer and to wear disposable gloves. While he sits down to adjust to the room temperature, talk him through the changes made in the usual procedure to ensure safety. Explain how you disinfect the room, including the dressing room, and the equipment.

5. Think in advance whether you prefer to disinfect cups and teaspoons or use disposable ones instead when you offer warm drinks after the session.  

6. To disinfect cryosauna inside, do not use flannels for disinfection to avoid damaging the waterproof layer on the interior lining. Never use chlorine. When spraying a new alcohol-based or soap-based disinfectant, try it on the backside of the elevator pad to make sure it leaves no streaks. After each customer, thoroughly spray disinfectant inside the cryosauna, including the top part where customers put their hands during the session. For the outer shell, any disinfectant is suitable but for chlorine. Pay special attention to the door. You may use a flannel.

7. As earlier, use an individual robe for each customer and wash them every day. Obviously, it is nothing new, so you already have a sufficient supply. The new thing is that it is recommended to wash fur boots every day as well, even though the customers use disposable socks. Therefore, think in advance if you have enough of them to run smoothly. If not, we offer discounted prices for boots like those you have received with your cryosauna. If you are interested, please contact our sales.  

8. It would be better to avoid using the cover and a soft collar for the cryosauna for the time being. You might use disposable neck paper strips for each customer, but as the cover is very near to the face, it is difficult to be 100% sure it is perfectly disinfected.

Following these tips will help you to earn your customers’ trust and ensure their safe return to habitual life. 

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