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Phoenix Suns unveil the cryo chamber to all the players


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In this video you’ll see the “coolest interview” with Marcin Gortat, Phoenix Suns center. He uses cryosauna to recover and recommends it to all professional players.

“I’m getting ready for the game. I want to feel better, so I’m just speeding up my recovery..”

“It works so far what is working. As long as you perform well and as long we are winning then you gotta keep you routine running so that’s the most important”

“This machine doesn’t penetrate as deep as a cold tub, but it’s still good. It makes you feel better, I mean basically you feel light for the first couple of minutes. It’s helping to circulate your blood a little bit better. I feel like I’m walking in shorts in winter, summer and fall”.

Aaron Nelson, head athletic trainer, tells how cryosauna works, how often Phoenix Suns uses it and for what purposes. See full video.

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