A healthy lifestyle and self-care is something that always stays on trend, regardless of time and fashion trends. Modern SPAs, wellness and fitness-centers can be found nowadays everywhere in both large and small cities. Every year the newest equipment allows them to expand the range of cosmetic, medical and wellness treatments according to the sphere of activity. And many of these centers often have cryotherapy procedures (whole-body and local) in their service list.

So, you have almost decided to purchase cryosauna. There are only few questions that we are going to answer now.

First of all, cryosauna device is categorized as body care equipment, but not medical. There is no special permit for exploitation and sale of cryotherapy procedures is required in the most countries. However, local government can have its own opinion on this case. So, this is important and you should pay attention to this fact before purchasing the cryotherapy equipment and collect relevant information.

Cryosauna is very easy in use. Operator training course takes not more than one day and is usually held immediately after the assembly. Speaking about the assembly, there is no doubt that the best way to install, start up and train your staff is inviting the experts of the supplier (manufacturer or distributor). But if your state has experienced engineers, they can assemble the device by themselves under remote supervision of the suppliers’ representatives. It can save your money, especially if there is no distributor in your country yet. In this case, training of your operator can also be held remotely – per telephone or via Skype.

There are some requirements to the room in which cryosauna will be installed. This room should be no less than 6 m2. Recall that you should stay in underwear and special fur boots to take cryoprocedures. So, you need some place (perhaps a folding screen) where clients can change their clothes. During the procedures waste vapor mixture of nitrogen and air goes to the ventilation duct. If you don’t plan to have exhaust ventilation for cryosauna, you need to provide the room with a good self-ventilation system. 78% of the air we breathe consists of nitrogen, which isn’t dangerous itself. But you shouldn’t conduct a lot of procedures in the small and bad ventilated room because the oxygen content can fall below 20% (by volume). Sooner or later it can cause tangible discomfort or even loss of consciousness. That’s why the question about ventilation is important and you should think over it before the installation of cryosauna.

Ceiling height of the room should be no less than 2300 mm (2500 mm if the chosen model has top with lights). The door frames should be at least 700 mm wide to allow the blocks which constitute a cryosauna to be carried inside. Cryosauna consumes less than 1.5 kW and requires a power supply of 110 V or 220 V, so your common electric wall outlets can be appropriate for it.

There are two different types of cryosauna: unpressurized Dewar type (40 liters) and pressurized type (valve type). What’s the difference? Both types consume an average of 2.5 liters of liquid nitrogen per procedure. Thus if you are planning to conduct not more than 5 procedures per day, two 40 liters Dewar vessels with liquid nitrogen will be enough for a week, and then you should fill it again (two empty Dewar vessels with trolleys are included in the price of cryosauna). If you expect to do 10 or more procedures per day, you should settle a question about the rent (or purchase) of the pressurized vessel for liquid nitrogen with your local supplier. The question about supply of liquid nitrogen is very important, because the devise will not work without it. Therefore, it is necessary to solve it before the purchase of cryosauna. The contacts of the nearest suppliers can be easily found on the Internet. After negotiations with them it will be easier to determine what type of cryosauna you should choose.

Talking about the liquid nitrogen consumption, you should remember that it is necessary to precool the machine. It consumes approximately 3.5 liters of liquid nitrogen. After that every procedure will consume about 1.5 liter of liquid nitrogen per minute. Besides, nowadays our cryosauna has the lowest nitrogen consumption among the similar equipment. Basing on these figures, you can calculate the cost of one procedure and determine the prices for them. There are different prices in different countries. For example, in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia the average cost of one procedure ranges from 10 to 20 EUR, in Austria and Germany – 40 EUR, in France and Italy – 50-55 EUR, in the Netherlands and Spain – 70-80 EUR, in USA – 60-90 USD.

Our equipment is absolutely safe in use in compliance with operating manual and safety regulations. Managers of our company or our distributors’ companies will be pleased to tell you more about all the details. They will also tell you about sales conditions and service features, so feel free to ask them any questions you’re interested in. All the information about how to get in touch with us can be found in the ‘Contacts’ section on our web-site. Our Distributors’ links can be found there as well. You can find our representative office in your country on the map there.

To sum up, we’d like to underline that cryotherapy is a relatively new method, but every year it becomes more and more popular and soon will definitely be an integral part of the range of services in all health centers and SPA salons. That’s why hurry up to get your own cryosauna, let people learn ASAP about wonderful features of cryotherapy and make sure in its high effectiveness.