Cryosauna for 10,000 Euro


We are opening sweepstakes which will allow one lucky winner to buy a Cryomed Pro cryosauna at a special price, 10,000 EUR. A winner will be randomly selected on 20 December 2019 on www.random.org. Entries are collected within one calendar month, from 20 November 2019 to 19 December 2019. Special offer is valid for all the countries.

Terms and conditions

  1. Prize. We offer a Dewar version of Cryomed Pro in expanded set. A valve version is possible upon agreement with the manufacturer. Standard colour is grey with blue interior. However, the manufacturer reserves the right to change colours at his discretion without notifying participants. The special price does not include VAT.  Delivery, operator training and other expenses are not covered. Cryomed Pro comes with a standard three-year warranty (or 3,000 sessions, whatever comes first).
  2. Entrants. Both legal entities and individuals are invited. The prize is non-transferrable; the cryosauna shall be purchased only on the name of a registered person or his/her company.

Entries with incomplete information or invalid contact details will not be included in the draw. Duplicates will be excluded from the draw without any notification to the entrant. In case of repeated violations the entrant will be disqualified and excluded from participation for one year. 

The manufacturer’s decision in all matters relating to the sweepstakes is final.

  1. Collecting the prize. The winner will have ten working days to make a payment and one month to pick up his cryosauna (unless other terms are agreed).

If the winner refuses to accept the prize, his right is transferred to the first or third runner-up respectively. If the winner and two runners-up refuse from the prize the special offer is held till the next sweepstakes opens.

The winner cannot sell, move to the premises of third parties, or rent out the promotional cryosauna for one year. In case of a re-sale before the above deadline, the winner shall make an additional payment of 10,000 EUR to the manufacturer. Otherwise the warranty for the unit is forfeited. 

  1. Publicity. The winner agrees to cooperate with the manufacturer’s right to publish his win on the manufacturer’s websites and social networks. 

To enter the sweepstakes, please fill in the form below.