What are the main features of Cryomed Pro?


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What are the main features of Cryomed Pro?

What are the main features of Cryomed Pro?

Cryomed Pro was developed according to many years of experience in manufacturing of cryosaunas.

Main features of Cryomed Pro:

  • cryotherapy machine contains CE approved electronic system controlled by touch screen TECO, focusing on reliability and maximum protection of the customer;
  • it is equipped with an emergency stop button on the front panel and accident prevention system in the cabin;
  • cryosauna also allows connecting to Wi-Fi and gives comfortable access for remote service support in case of any faults;
  • can be controlled by desktop, smartphone or tablet;
  • gas supply is constructed in a way it can either work with the Dewar vessel (non-pressurized 40 liters) or with pressurized vessel with capacity up to 5000 liters.
  • Cryomed Pro is manufactured according to high cosmetic standards and suitable for use in sports, beauty and medical facilities.

Cryomed Pro reveals a range of extras:

  • wide selection of various colors of the outer shell material;
  • wide range of color selection for the inner upholstery of the cabin;
  • selection of the temperature display color;
  • various range of cabin size for comfortable session with a client;
  • redesigned superstructure with three independent – RGB LED lighting zones;
  • own branding (logo embroidery on the inner upholstery of the Cryosauna, logo on the outer shell).

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