What is a cryotherapy chamber?


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A cryotherapy chamber is a chamber (fixed or transportable)  which is used for whole-body cryotherapy procedures. The main difference between cryo chamber and cryosauna is that a cryotherapy chamber is a closed space where several patients can be treated at the same time. While cryosauna is a single person cryotherapy device with the head outside the machine.

Fixed cryotherapy chamber

This is a chamber for the whole-body therapy which is built to fit into a building. This model is often used for in-house patients due to restriction in movement or in different amusement centres like water parks or spa centres. The internal walls of this chamber are made using wood pallets while the outside walls are done using thermal insulators to control temperatures. The size of this chamber is determined to base on the number of people who can use it.

In cryo chamber patient is totally in the cold zone

In cryo chamber patient is totally in the cold zone

Transportable cryotherapy chamber

It is a portable chamber that can be installed or detached when needed. The main reason for such an arrangement is the size of the chambers or the frequency it is needed. It is much bigger than the fixed cryotherapy chambers as it needs enough space to accommodate a changing room and a set-up area. 

What to choose – cryotherapy chamber or cryosauna?

Your choice may be due to the following factors:

  • size and dimensions – cryosaunas much more compact than cryo chambers;
  • nitrogen consumption – in cryo chamber nitrogen consumption is higher because of its bigger size; 
  • patient’s comfort – in cryosauna the patient’s head is outside the cold zone. In cryo chamber patient is totally in the cold zone, several patients can be treated at the same time;
  • needed temperature: in cryo chamber temperature reaches not more than -120°C, in cryosauna – up to -170°C.


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