What is Cryomed Pro+ (Medical) Cryo sauna?


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Whole body cryo therapy in medicine. Cryomed Pro+ is a cryo medical device, specially developed for medical facilities.

Whole-body cryotherapy is a medical treatment widely used in medical practices, sports medicine and physiotherapy field.

Cryomed Pro+ cryosauna was developed according to the needs of medical practices, hospitals and specialized clinics, including cryo medical centers. Once they are interested in whole body cryotherapy, they need official, CERTIFIED medical device.

After an important period of testing and efficiency approval and all the technical parameters control we accomplished certification process, successfully get medical certification and get ready to produce medical cryosauna Cryomed Pro+.

Cryomed Pro+ Medical Cryosauna is manufactured according to high medical standards and suitable for use in medical facilities.


Do you need a doctor’s permission / authorization to use cryo medical equipment?

Yes, it is impossible to use this cryosauna at home for commercial purposes. Actually, any cryo medical center or other medical facility that installs certified cryo health therapy devices will either send you for a consultation with a cryo doctor or write out a prescription for the procedure only after such consultations with your own physician.

Does my sports center need a special license to use this cryosauna?

If you already provide such services, then no, you do not need any additional license. If you are not a medical institution and do not provide medical services, you can use this medical cryosauna, however, you will not be able to position the services as medical for your visitors. Nevertheless, it is better to ask this question to our specialists personally or to clarify it in accordance with the legislation of your country.