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Cryomed Exhibits its Products at Arnold Classic Europe in Barcelona


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Cryomed Exhibits its Products at Arnold Classic Europe

Cryomed, an established manufacturer of award-winning cryogenic equipment, attended Arnold Classic Europe, a major annual fitness event held on September 28-30, 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. Once founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, the event has evolved to be one of the key forums for the bodybuilding and fitness industry attended by over 50 thousand visitors each year. The company presented a complete range of its products in cooperation with its partner PENTAGEN 5. The event was the company’s debut on the exhibition scene and a very successful one, with lots of business opportunities and useful connections made on its grounds.

Cryomed’s primary goal at Arnold Classic Europe was to showcase its growing line of sports cryotherapy equipment suitable for any of the 50 different types of sports presented at the event. PENTAGEN 5, the company’s business partner, was very eager to make cryotherapy for sports one of the highlights of the event and introduce it to a diverse audience of bodybuilders, fitness and crossfit trainers, owners of gyms and sports clubs, team managers, and independent athletes.

During the event, Cryomed managed to demonstrate all of it product that were available for a free tryout:

– The new Cryomed Mini, a compact cryotherapy chamber model supporting both types of liquid nitrogen vessels: pressurized and non-pressurized dewars.

– Cryomed Pro, the company’s flagship product sporting all of the available options, including an audio system, an iPad and color LED lights for beautiful ambient lighting.

– Cryofan, the newest product for local cryotherapy, which received lots of attention and got great reviews.

Overall, Cryomed is very pleased with the results of this event. The booth was visited by numerous professionals and distinguished athletes who had a chance to witness the effectiveness of cryotherapy for sports injuries as they got treated on the spot. Based on the outcome of this year’s event, Cryomed is firmly intended to take part in Arnold Classic Europe 2019.

Arnold Classic is one of the constituents of the IFBB Arnold Sports Festival, also known as the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival, which is an annual multi-sport event. It also consists of a strongman (Arnold Strongman Classic) part, as well a fitness, figure and bikini weekend expos.

Business Opportunities

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