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Cryomed launches Forum to become closer to customers


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Cryomed launches Forum to become closer to customers

The Cryomed team has been working hard for years to design, build, sell, and support some of the best cryotherapy equipment available on the market. At the same time, the global community of users has been growing as well to form an entirely new trend in the fitness and wellness industries that defined cryotherapy as one of the next big things on the world healthcare scene. In response to this popularity, Cryomed decided to launch a forum on its official website to remain in close contact with the ever-growing user base and its many distributors looking to expand their product portfolios.

The forum is available at https://forum.cryomedpro.com and is free for everyone interested in discussing the latest news from the company and exchanging opinions about whole body and local cryotherapy. The company’s decision to create this forum section on its website was fueled by the increasing flow of customer feedback and the need to educate the general public about the benefits of cryotherapy. Forum users will be able to comment even in their native languages and they will definitely receive comprehensive feedback from Cryomed specialists!

The forum currently has a limited number of sections, but its structure will get more and more elaborate with time as more topics are raised by the site administrators and visitors. Direct collection of feedback on the company’s line of products is one of the main purposes of the forum. With more ideas and suggestions coming right from the users, Cryomed will be able to react faster to the voice of the customer and implement new features more effectively.

We cordially invite all cryotherapy enthusiasts and those considering the purchase of a cryosauna or other cryogenic equipment to register on the forum and enjoy unrestricted access to a growing knowledge base.

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