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Cryosauna Cryotherapy: are there any disadvantages?


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The most frequently asked questions on the benefits of cryotherapy featuring Lorrie Jago, COO Chill Cryosauna Franchise, Director of Operations.

Can you talk to me about cryotherapy and what it is and what exactly is done?

In the video Lorrie explains, that cryotherapy is the use of extreme cold temperatures to stimulate healing of your body. You are surrounded by the liquid nitrogen vapors, the temperature is reduced to as low as -240F and this triggers reaction in your nervous system, your sensory receptors in your skin, send signals to your brain that you are in trouble. And this sets of a whole chain events inside your nervous system that go to healing entire inflammation, boosts energy, it promotes collagen production, so there is a whole variety of different things that it addresses.

How long are the sessions?

From that video you can learn, that the session lasts for 3 minutes. It starts out at -150F, so you get the full impact of what cryotherapy provides.

Could you clarify how the cold temperature, you said that sends signals to your body and it helps with inflammation and anti-ageing, how is that possible, how could it be that effective?

Lorrie Jago tells how it exactly works: “When you are going into hyperthermia your body begins to protect you. Your blood vessels constrict, and force your blood to your core to protect your core temperature, and these are all natural reactions to cold. Your blood is super oxygenated by that process of protecting your core temperature. Then when you come out  the chamber your blood vessels dialing, all that super rich oxygenated blood then flashes to your system. Your hypothalamus in your brain, is your temperature regulator in your body, and it produces all kinds of beneficial biochemicals, hormones, endorphins, adrenaline. Serotonin is also produced during the process, so it helps to elevate your mood, alleviate anxiety and depression. There is also the added benefit of a more youthful glow to your skin that super oxygenated blood helps your skin kind of regenerate”.

How many sessions do you think patients or clients would need to go through this to see results or start seeing results?

Director of Operations of COO Chill Cryosauna Franchise tells us in the video: “It depends on what their issue is. We have pretty much 3 major targets of people that are benefit from cryotherapy. Everybody will benefit from it, it’s all natural and it pretty much helps anybody. But athletes, competitive athletes, as well as fitness professionals,  people who are interested in anti-ageing, weight loss, that kind of thing, and people who suffer from chronic conditions or injuries. If you have a chronic issue or an injury we always recommend a least 3 sessions in the beginning to get the full benefit, to really feel what it is could be able to do for you. After those 3 sessions judge for yourself how you feel and work into a maintenance routine. It is a therapy, it not one and done perfect cure for everything. It is something that needs to be integrated into your lifestyle”.  

You mentioned it’s good for athletes, for people for anti-ageing, is there a group of people who probably it’s not good for?

People who suffer from cardiac conditions, people who have known blood clot  issues, pregnant women are not recommended to do this. It’s just too much of a stressor on their body.

What should people know if they are looking or researching information about this? What should they know before they decide to go through cryotherapy?

Lorrie says: “Well they should know whether not they have blood pressure issues. People with high blood pressure that’s not controlled should not try cryotherapy. It is very intense. And when you are in the session your blood pressure can elevate a little bit”.

So if there any disadvantages of cryotherapy?

Lorrie Jago can’t even say any disadvantages of cryotherapy. She believes that people who do cryotherapy regularly basically can’t live without it. They love this energy boost that doesn’t have crash afterwards. This is a very natural process, the body responses very naturally, metabolises everything the way your body supposed to.

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