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Cryotherapy in “Talasso” movie!


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Cryotherapy is in the spotlight in the movie “Thalasso”. The movie leads, Michel Houellebecq and Gérard Depardieu, test a Cryomed cryosauna distributed by CRYOJET.

Cryotherapy in "Thalasso" movie

Cryotherapy in “Thalasso” movie

When Michel Houellebecq and Gérard Depardieu try to survive a healthy diet and a treatment in a thalassotherapy center, the outcome is hilarious. In the first fragment, the two stars of Guillaume Nicloux’s new movie meet in the thalassotherapy centre Thalazur de Cabourg and we see Michel Houellebecq trying out whole-body cryotherapy. A stunning and funny scene takes place in a CRYOJET cryotherapy booth.

Whole-body cryotherapy: a treatment deciphered with humour

Whole-body cryotherapy is a treatment that raises numerous questions, if Michel Houellebecq and Gerard Depardieu are to be trusted. Questions that are sometimes quirky but make us smile. In this 46-second long fragment, the two actors discuss the course and effects of a cryotherapy session, all under the watch of an operator in Thalazur Cabourg trained by CRYOJET coaches.

The shooting took place at our Normandy customers’ who are well-known to thalassotherapy enthusiasts. By the way, even though Thalazur Cabourg already had a CRYOJET cryotherapy booth, they have recently updated their equipment and opted for an ICE X cryosauna.