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Mobile App for Remote Cryosauna Control


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Mobile App for Remote Cryosauna Control

Cryomed Releases Mobile App for Remote Cryosauna Control and Monitoring

Cryomed is glad to announce that the owners of Cryomed Pro and Mini cryosaunas can now control their cryogenic equipment wirelessly from smartphone or tablet using the newly released “Cryomed Remote Control” app for iOS. The apps take advantage of the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and can be used both for active control and monitoring. The app extends the functionality and offers an extra layer of comfort to operators and end users.

Cryomed Remote Control app enables operators to quickly connect cryosauna, control its key parameters remotely, enjoy full mobility and yet meet the safety requirements for cryogenic therapy procedures. The UI of the app is very intuitive and fully mimics cryosauna interface, which rules out the possibility of mistakes and doesn’t require any training. Cryomed Remote Control can be used in two modes: control and monitoring. The former is intended for cryochamber operators while the latter is tailored for their visitors.  A tablet running the app in the monitoring mode can be placed at the top of the unit, allowing the visitor to see the current temperature and the time remaining until the end of the session.

The app has a simple and self-explanatory user interface with just the necessary control elements and indicators. Compatible with the latest version of iOS, it is now available in App Store as a free download and can be run on the majority of modern mobile devices, including phones and tablets.

Take advantage of the exciting new features of Cryomed Pro and Mini right now!

If you own one of Cryomed’s current models, now is your chance to start utilizing it to the fullest. Go to the official application store for your device, search for Cryomed Remote Control and download the app in seconds. The set-up process is fast and easy as 1-2-3. We hope that this innovation will make your experience with Cryomed products more effective and enjoyable. For any queries, please call or email us at info@cryomedpro.com.

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