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New Cryofan model released


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New model of local cryotherapy device Cryofan CF-05

Cryomed announces the release of a new, improved version of its highly successful Cryofan CF-04 model. The Successor, CF-05, is based on the same simple, yet reliable and durable design, and features a number of improvements on the safety and usability sides.

Device controls have been revamped for use on a large 7” touch-sensitive display to allow for faster, more intuitive access to key functions, such as temperature and session duration control. Cryofan CF-05 has low weight and compact wheels for ease of transportation, which is especially important for large events where cryogenic procedures can be administered at various locations, including indoor and outdoor.

The new Cryofan model also has fairly modest nitrogen consumption per standard 3-5 minute session. At 0.06 l/min, it’s one of the most economically efficient products on the market.

Key features and benefits:

  • Futuristic design
  • 7” touch screen
  • Intuitive and user-friendly controls
  • Procedure timer
  • Procedure counter
  • Adjustment of the nitrogen flow temperature
  • High portability thanks to the wheels
  • Low nitrogen consumption
  • Effective and fast cryogenic procedures

Cryofan CF-05 is the newest addition to Cryomed’s growing family of products. Modern, compact, and mobile, it brings cryotherapy closer to consumers through reasonable pricing, ease of use, and cost of ownership. Just like its predecessor, it primarily targets medical centers, sport clubs, rehabilitation facilities, beauty salons, clinics, and consumers who would like to enjoy the benefits of cryotherapy at their homes.

We are really looking forward to receiving our customers’ feedback and hope that our work and our products help thousands of people to live fuller, happier lives without pain.

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