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What are the benefits of cryotherapy for skin?


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What are the benefits of cryotherapy for skin?

Why cryotherapy?

Skin is very reactive to temperatures, especially the cold. Cryotherapy is recommended for treating certain skin conditions and revitalizing the skin.

As a general rule, cold is associated with dry skin. Indeed, there are many women who use hydrating cosmetic products in winter. However, the cold is by no means harmful to skin. In fact, it’s the opposite. Its action on the epidermis not only helps to reduce pores, but also to activate blood circulation, giving a radiant complexion. From a purely aesthetic point of view, cryotherapy is also excellent for treating dermatological problems and easing some pain and irritation. Both whole-body cryotherapy and localized cryotherapy are excellent for treating skin problems, but also for rejuvenating your skin and giving it a smooth and radiant look.

Why use cryotherapy as a dermatological treatment?

Cryotherapy is an amazingly effective care treatment for skin conditions. Eczema, psoriasis, acne, etc…the cold prevents rashes, relieves irritation and visibly reduces areas where the skin is under attack. This is why cryotherapy is worth considering and especially worth trying, among the many dermatological treatments designed for skin disorders such as eczema.

Whole-body cryotherapy treatment for eczema

Eczema is a pruritic dermatitis that is characterized by inflammation of the skin. If someone suffers from this problem at a very young age, then eczema will often appear again years later as an adult. In some cases, eczema is concentrated in one specific area of the skin. However, some people experience episodes of eczema resulting in the spread of symptoms to other parts of the body. The areas often affected are the joints (elbows and back of the knees), but rashes may well spread to any other part of the body. In dermatology, consultations due to eczema make up 30% of total consultations. People suffering from this problem can try a treatment which includes whole-body cryotherapy sessions. After entering a cryotherapy cubicle, the cold quickly calms skin irritation and red patches soon begin to decrease.

Whole-body cryotherapy treatment for psoriasis

Psoriasis is, like eczema, a non-contagious skin disease which is characterized by erythemato-squamous lesions. There are various forms of psoriasis and the degrees of severity vary from one person to the next. This condition is characterized by the formation of scales which are actually dead cells accumulating on the surface of the skin. Psoriatic plaques are generally found on the elbows, knees, the small of the back, the scalp and fingernails.

Whole-body cryotherapy alleviates and reduces areas where scales form. Irritation thus becomes less intense and the sufferer quickly begins to feel some relief. Whole-body cryotherapy is not effective for psoriasis of the scalp because the head is situated outside the cryotherapy cubicle. In this scenario, use a localized cryotherapy device needs to be used. The operator can then target the scalp by spraying a mist of nitrogen at  -170° onto the affected area.

What are the benefits of cryotherapy for skin?

Whole-body cryotherapy as a treatment for acne

Acne is very often associated with adolescence. It consists of a period where the adolescent’s hormonal disruptions manifest themselves as spots on the face. However, in its most severe form, acne can continue into adulthood. Although the pharmaceutical market is bursting with treatments for acne, localized cryotherapy can also be used to supplement them. The use of a nitrogen mist on the skin will reduce the development of acneic areas and cause spots to disappear.

Is cryotherapy a new beauty care treatment?

In addition to its beneficial effects on skin problems, cryotherapy is on the way to becoming a major beauty care treatment. In fact, the cold is an asset to skin. It allows it to rejuvenate and counteract signs of aging. When it feels under attack from the cold, our metabolism reacts in different ways and this also affects our skin’s reaction. Similarly, when someone enters a whole-body cryotherapy cubicle, the skin shivers, its pores tighten, and micro-circulation of the subcutaneous vessels is activated. It doesn’t take long for the skin to become firmer but also smoother.

What are the benefits of cryotherapy for skin?

How is cryotherapy used as an anti-aging treatment?

Localized cryotherapy is a device which works under the same principle as whole-body cryotherapy. A device sprays a mist of nitrogen through a pipe. The operator uses a handle to direct the nitrogen onto the desired area. In this particular case we are dealing with cryodermatology, a face care treatment which uses the cold to rejuvenate and even skin tone, fill in wrinkles, and make marks and minor irritations disappear.

In cryodermatology, a mist of nitrogen is directed onto the face and neck. During a 10 to 20 minute session, the cold will activate micro-circulation, which directly affects the quality and appearance of the skin. Cryodermatology will also boost the natural production of collagen in the skin. This protein is essential for maintaining good elasticity but also for visibly reducing the depth of wrinkles. This is why the skin looks visibly younger and the signs of aging are reduced after only one treatment session. Cryodermatology actually evens skin tone by removing blemishes and restoring the skin’s transparency. This skincare is completely painless and does not use any chemicals.

Cryodermatology is also effective at removing traces of tiredness and for decongesting tissues. The treatment will help you to keep your skin’s glow by removing dark circles and swollen tissue. Lack of sleep and stress are very often the cause of fatigue lines, and cryodermatology is a skincare treatment which allows you to combat those traces left by stress and tiredness.

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