What if I don’t have enough money to buy cryosauna?


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If you are intending to start a cryotherapy business but may be temporarily lacking the money Cryomed propose several options that can be useful from the start.

How to get a cryosauna?

How to get a cryosauna?

  1. Cryotherapy machine lease: ss a financial tool, a cryo chamber lease is the perfect opportunity to jump-start a health-related business even with limited funding. Cryomed is the first company on the EU market with this unique proposition:
  • 20% down payment
  • The remaining 80% of the cryosauna lease cost is broken down into 12 monthly installments
  • Cryotherapy chamber lease adds a 10% mark-up on the retail price

This offer applies to all of the company’s cryochamber models.

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  1. Cryotherapy machine rental: cryosauna rental enables customers to make a 2-month deposit and start using the equipment right away. If the business meets their expectations and proves to be profitable, the equipment can be purchased for the original price less depreciation. Paying a fixed monthly fee for cryotherapy unit rental also lets customers have an unlimited number of sessions per day without having to  worry about support, maintenance, or wear and tear. If anything goes wrong with your cryosauna, Cryomed will provide a replacement free of charge.

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  1. Cryotherapy machine trade-in: the cryosauna trade-in service from Cryomed is an excellent opportunity for owners of older cryotherapy equipment to upgrade their cryo chambers at a considerable discount. The cryotherapy machine trade-in service spares owners the trouble of having to locate potential buyers for their used equipment and ship it to them.

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