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Cryomed Pro and Cryomed Mini are now available in 110V models


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We are happy to announce the availability of 110V versions of Cryomed Pro and Mini models of our cryosaunas which makes them natively compatible with voltage standards in a broad range of markets from the U.S., Canada and Mexico to a number of countries in the Caribbean and beyond. This update eliminates the need for voltage transformers and ensures the safe operation of our cryotherapy saunas in these regions. Coupled with our patented Accident Prevention System and a number of proprietary technologies, these cryo chambers offer the highest level of patient safety and convenience of operation.

The availability of a low-voltage option for the company’s cryotherapy products saves end-users the trouble of having to purchase a fairly expensive, high-quality transformer that is required for such equipment. In addition, it makes the product line electrically compatible with U.S. and Canadian standards that could otherwise cause considerable demand. From now on, businesses and individuals purchasing Cryomed Pro or Cryomed Mini for commercial application or private use will enjoy hassle-free installation and day-to-day operation. Full warranty is provided for 3 years of operation in compatible power networks.

All Cryomed products, including the latest 110V models, are  certified by appropriate EU authorities. In particular, all new low-voltage models are compliant with 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive, 2014/35 EU Low Voltage Directive, and 2014/30/EU EMC Directive. Comprehensive EU certifications substantially facilitate further adaptation and certification for target markets and corroborate the manufacturer’s promise of supplying the highest quality product.

Cryomed Pro and Mini models represent the progress made in recent years in both cosmetic and medical application of cryogenic chambers. They are built using the highest quality components from leading manufacturers, feature patented nitrogen-dosing technologies, offer best in class nitrogen consumption levels, and come with modern user-facing features. Each unit can be customized to the customer’s preference(s) and delivered to any global location.

If you are seeking a modern, well-designed, easy to maintain and operate cryosauna, make sure not to miss Cryomed’s offers. Call or email us right now for a quick quote, delivery estimate, and professional recommendations!

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