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In recent years, cryotherapy has gained immense popularity. Cryosaunas, cryocabins, cryorooms and other cryotherapy devices are utilized in almost all of the countries around the globe. First of all, by athletes who need to maintain themselves in the best physical shape in order to be able to perform to the best of their ability. Sports experts have long since developed programs to prepare for competitions, as well as to recover after heavy workouts and heal faster after injury.

Like many other technologies, cryotherapy came into our daily lives from the sports domain. It is now difficult to find a person who has not heard about the beneficial effects of cold temperatures on our bodies. Every year, there are more and more cryosaunas available for use by general public, and cryotherapy has ceased to be something unusual. It is widely utilized for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes.

However, with being general accessible comes the responsibility for all those who are already using this technology. Cryomed is one of the largest producers of cryosaunas (cryotherapy cabins) in the world and knows how important it is to provide its customers with the high-quality and safe-to-use product.

Is cryotherapy safe for regular use? Our company has developed an innovative safety system (Accident Prevention System) and was the first one in the market of cryotherapy devices to implement it. It consists of the human-position sensor in the cabin, the door-opening sensor, session emergency stop button and ventilation. To date, none of the competing companies has such a system in use.

The ultrasonic sensor controls the user’s position in the cabin and will not start the procedure unless the operator raised the lift step to the desired height and if there is a chance that a person can breathe in nitrogen vapors. Should anything abnormal occur during the procedure, the cryo safe mechanism will instantly stop the session and activate the ventilation in order to ensure patient safety. If the cabin door opens by accident, another sensor will prevent excessive nitrogen vapors from entering the premises by stopping the procedure.

Thus we have minimized the possibility of operator error during cryotherapy sessions and raised the cryotherapy safety procedures to a new level.

B2B Proposal

Cryomed is one of well-known cryosaunas manufacturers. Our products are used all over the world. We have no secrets – just high-quality products and flexible equipment delivery conditions such as trade-in, lease or rental. Do you want to become our partner and start your own cryosauna business? Just contact us.