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Cryosauna vs. cryo chamber: what is the difference?


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People interested in whole-body cryotherapy as a unique and innovative method of treatment and recovery often confuse the concepts of a cryosauna and a cryo chamber. With good reason, because the main idea is the same. Still, there are some significant differences between the two cryotherapy devices. Let’s have a closer look and identify the common features and the differences between cryosaunas and cryo chambers.

What a cryotherapy session is like

In a cryo chamber, the customer walks into a cooled room thus exposing the entire body to cold temperatures. There are individual and group chambers where several people can take a session at the same time. 

In a cryosauna, the client is lifted inside the cabin so that only his body is cooled while the head stays outside. So he can speak to an operator or other clients. This is an important factor for people who are afraid of enclosed spaces, for example.

Cryo session temperature

In a cryo chamber the temperature usually doesn’t exceed -110°C (-230°F), while in a cryosauna it can go down to about -170°C (-274°F). That means that in a cryosauna your body is exposed to a higher “positive” stress and the effect of cryotherapy session will be more pronounced. Or it will take less time to achieve the same effect as in a cryo chamber.

What to wear?

In a cryosauna all you need to wear is gloves, socks and underwear (preferably made of natural fabric, like cotton). The only requirement to all these is to be dry. As for a cryo chamber, in addition to the clothes listed above  you will need to put on a cap or earmuffs and respiratory mask to protect your head, ears and airways.

Maintenance and running costs of a cryosauna vs. cryo chamber

This information mostly concerns people intending to open a cryotherapy centre or to add cryotherapy sessions to the services provided in a medical, beauty or sports centre.

The main advantage of a cryosauna is that it is smaller or even much smaller compared to a cryo chamber which tends to be rather large. For electrically cooled or hybrid cryo chambers you will need generators, which are not small either. That makes a cryosauna more beneficial in terms of delivery and required space. As for the running costs, with a cryochamber your electricity bills will definitely be on the high side, while a cryosauna consumes 1.5 kW  maximum. Hybrid cryo chambers will in addition consume nitrogen, and the amounts will be double or triple as compared to our cryosaunas. The maintenance of a cryosauna is much easier, too. Pricewise cryosaunas are generally cheaper than cryo chambers. In addition, here you can read about special financing options we offer to make your cryosauna purchase even easier. 

All the factors above can influence your cost of a cryo session and the number of potential clients, thus affecting your return on investment.

Generally speaking, both cryosaunas and cryo chambers offer one of the most efficient methods of chronic pain management, recovery after intense physical activity, or stress. All cryotherapy methods are effective in their own way. To get advice on the best option for your please feel free to contact our sales department at +421 948 224 850 or info@cryomedpro.com.