What is the cost of cryotherapy?


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People who really cares about their health and wellness and are interested in effective procedures of recovery and healing can have a question: how much does it cost to do cryotherapy?

What is the cost of cryotherapy?

What is the cost of cryotherapy?

If you need a regular access to a cryotherapy machine it makes sense to have your own cryotherapy device. For example, many professional athletes and sporting clubs has cryo chamber in their facilities. You can read some cases here

What options do we have for people who intends to have cryo chamber?

  1. You can buy cryosauna – the evident way, but sometimes not the simplest.
  2. You can rent cryosauna – cryosauna rental enables potential consumers to start using Cryomed’s models of the cryotherapy chamber as quickly as possible and without having to pay the full price.
  3. You can lease cryosauna – leasing option from Cryomed, similar to cryotherapy machine rental, is intended for customers looking to start a cryotherapy business but may be temporarily lacking the money to pay in full right from the start.
  4. You can use trade-in option – this service from Cryomed is an excellent opportunity for owners of older cryotherapy equipment to upgrade their cryo chambers at a considerable discount.

But if you are  hesitating about your intentions, you can first attend the nearest place to try cryotherapy and make sure of its benefits.

Or you can contact our sales team and get detailed consultation about the best options for you.