What is the cost of cryosauna?


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The cost of cryotherapy machine varies depending on the type of cryosauna you need and additional features.

First of all, you need to choose what cryochamber is the best for your purposes.

Cryosauna Cryomed Pro is our flagship model and its efficiency was proven by thousands of satisfied clients. It is more expensive than our other model – Cryomed One, including transportation and installation. But definitely getting Cryomed Pro is the best investment that you can make for your business!

What is the cost of cryo chamber

What is the cost of cryo chamber

Additional features also influences on the final cost of cryotherapy machine. For example, they may be:

  • outer upholstery color selection (21 colors to choose from);
  • internal upholstery color selection (9 colors);
  • color selection of the temperature display;
  • selection of a cabin size (S / M / L);
  • redesigned multicolor TOP LED lighting, LED system is also placed underneath the cabin, refiling spot of the device. The color and     brightness of the lighting is controlled independently for each zone;
  • mounted tablet;
  • own branding (embroidered logo on inner upholstery, a Big logo on the outer shell);
  • UNIQUE safety feature – The Accident Prevention System;
  • remote control system for smartphones.

Please contact our sales department to get detailed information about the final cost of the cryotherapy chamber. Our specialists are happy to provide consultation regarding the model that works best for you!