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New financing options presented by Cryomed


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Over the past several years, Cryomed has been working to improve the technical characteristics of its cryogenic equipment by using better components and materials, optimized schematics, and creating better designs. The company now feels that the time has come to give its current and prospective customers more options for purchasing Cryomed products, allowing small companies to jump-start their businesses without making capital investments at an early stage. To address their needs, as well as the needs of individual customers who have been unable to purchase a cryosauna due to their relatively high prices, the company is now offering convenient lease and rental services for cryotherapy machines in the EU making Cryomed the first company in the European market to offer such financing options.

Cryosauna leasing

The ability to lease cryotherapy units is a unique opportunity for young companies to secure state-of-the-art therapeutic equipment right away without burning a hole in their budget. When leasing, the buyer agrees to pay a fixed monthly fee plus a premium until they are financially prepared to purchase the equipment for the residual value (less the depreciation amount over the period of lease) or until the lease period is over. Leasing enables companies to start operating at full capacity without having to wait to fully fund the purchase.

For many companies, leasing offers the advantage of having a better-looking balance sheet as lease payments are viewed as a business expense rather than long-term debt. Additionally, certain corporate tax benefits are available thanks to the lease payments being deductible against a company’s earnings which results in the overall reduction of a business’s taxable liability. Finally, leasing is typically more accessible than bank loans which is especially important for new businesses with no credit history.

Other benefits of leasing include professional support and maintenance services, the option to easily upgrade to newer models, and flexible payment terms.

Cryotherapy machine rental

As an alternative to leasing, renting a cryosauna may be the best option for brand-new businesses that do not have a clear vision of their future business model and/or an understanding of the demand dynamics. For just a fraction of a unit’s cost, our customers can install a cryosauna on their premises and use it for several months without any limitations. If the company’s business model proves to be effective, they can easily purchase the unit for the full cost minus any depreciation. In effect, this option makes it possible for customers to run as many paid medical procedures per day as necessary without worrying about the wear and tear of the equipment. In case of a failure, the defective unit will be promptly replaced with a new one under Cryomed’s warranty.

Rental of a Cyromed unit is a cost-efficient, convenient, and commercially savvy investment for any business in the sports and wellness industry. Offering a high ROI and minimum operational overheads, it’s a perfect choice for time-limited or seasonal service offerings.

Get your cryosauna today and start making money from day one

If you are interested in learning more about rental or leasing terms and conditions related to our cryosaunas, would like to get a quote, or just have questions regarding the functionality of Cryomed Pro or Mini saunas, please feel free to contact our sales team. We will be happy to answer all your questions and explain the many benefits our products offer.

B2B Proposal

Cryomed ™ is a well-known cryosaunas brand. In our factory, we have established and implemented a quality management system covering the manufacture, distribution, installation and servicing of medical cryotherapy devices. We have no secrets – just high-quality products and flexible delivery conditions (trade-in, lease or rental) for any cryo spa for sale. Contact us to get your prices and become our distributor!