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The backstage of success. What is the path to victory


The decisive goal scored by Arturo Vidal in the 32nd minute of the first half during the football match between Juventus and Sampdoria sealed the winning point in the Series A Italian League Championship 2015. The euphoria of the players, the fans’ ecstasy, the triumph of the coaching staff – this is exactly what we see on television screens. But, what happens behind the scenes? What is the path to victory? What are the secrets of training the athletes, followed in the legendary clubs?

It is really not possible to list out all the nuances in the physical preparation of champions, but we know one thing for sure, i.e. all three Italian Top-division Clubs, who occupied the top places last year, together with other methods of preparation and rehabilitation of players, employ cryotherapy. Sports therapists of Juventus, Roma and Lazio have unequivocally recognized the benefits of cryo-stimulation of the body and use cryotherapy units, i.e. cryosaunas in the course of training and rehabilitation of their athletes.

What are the advantages of using the whole body cryotherapy in preparation for the match? Modern scientific studies clearly prove that cryo-stimulation sessions offer the following incredible benefits:

– provide a mobilizing effect on the patient’s immune system, make it less susceptible to various infections, thus reducing the number of missed workouts and yet matching them under more intensive modes;

– provide a pronounced effect in reducing muscle damages that occur as a result of intense workouts, which reduces the time required to recover from injuries;

– have a significant positive impact on bone growth and its formation in athletes, which helps to improve the training load without the risk of any harm to the body;

– significantly improve the autonomic functions of the human body, especially their parasympathetic division. It should not be forgotten that the autonomic nervous system (ANS) regulates the functions of internal organs to environmental changes. ANS provides homeostasis (stability of body’s internal environment), which allows athletes to effectively undergo training and play under a much wider range of ambient temperature and humidity.

You probably say, that only the huge budgets of such famous clubs allow them to remain at the forefront of scientific, technological and medical progress, so they were the first experimenting with new technologies in the training and rehabilitation of athletes, regardless of the cost. But things are much better! Our production – Cryosaunas Cryomed Pro (exactly, they work for the club to win!) are now available for purchase at a special price.

We make an offer to you to get acquainted with our product, i.e. the unit for individual whole body cryo-stimulation – cryosauna Cryomed Pro. This equipment allows you to take full advantage of cryotherapy without spending a lot of money.

If you ever wondered, how much it cost you, when your athlete does not play, owing to an injury? How much money your club could have earned, in case it would have stayed at a higher position? How to protect the investments made by your club? If yes, you would probably like to find a universal and cost-effective solution to these queries. And the solution is the cryosauna . We have the richest experience in the development and manufacture of cryotherapy equipment, and designed a reliable, inexpensive tool that will truly serve you and will help your athletes to reach higher sporting frontiers.

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