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-150 degrees in the apartment! That’s how boxer Nicole Wesner cools off


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by G. Richter – Nicole Wesner pushes her career to the limit! The boxer has a “cryosauna” in her living room that she uses to enjoy the winter all year round.

Spring? No, thanks! That is the motto of boxer Nicole Wesner! The Viennese has set up a “cryosauna” (cryomedpro.com) in her living room so that she can train even more efficiently. It’s truly unbelievable: Instead of enjoying the warmer temperatures in the spring, she surrounds herself with winter at home – at temperatures as low as minus 150 degrees!

Anti-aging therapy

As Wesner told “Heute,” “cooling is accomplished with nitrogen.” The device is made by “Cryomed.” “I first stand inside and then activate the program. The cold is good for the immune system and assists regeneration.” Then she smiles: “Cryotherapy also helps to slow down the aging process. Since I plan on boxing for many more years to come, this is an important anti-aging measure for me.”

A bikini outfit

As is so often the case, this trend started in the U.S. “Real cryo bars already exist where athletes can cool down after training together.” Wesner, on the other hand, regularly chills out at home – in a tight outfit. “I only wear a bikini and warm slippers. At first I was quite intimidated by the minus 150 degree temperature, but the cold is dry and it can be endured.”

Another fight in the offing

Thanks to the “cold power” that she receives, Wesner still has a lot of goals for the future: “Many people think that I will soon stop boxing. In fact, I’m just getting started.” Her next fight is already in the planning stage: “It should take place before the summer. I am really looking forward to it.”

Source: https://www.heute.at/sport/sportmix/story/–150-Grad-in-der-Wohnung–So-friert-Boxerin-Wesner-49337826

Business Opportunities

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